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The main objective of Work Package 5.2 "Tourism Destination Development" (WP 5.2) is to develop a strategy toolbox providing suitable instruments to partners for stimulating routes to and from BSR with medium or low PAX potential (identified in WP 3).

The sub-objective is to give peripheral BSR a precise understanding of how to develop and implement tourism destination marketing concepts which utilise regional tourism potential and increase perception of remote BSR as a destination (for example environmental tourism).

Joint transnational elaboration of airport marketing strategy and of tourism destination development strategy will lead to pilot-implementation. Together with PSO/ RDF guidelines they shall result in implementation of new flight routes to and from peripheral BSR.


Activity 5.2.1: Identification of partners’ regional assets and best practice collection

Transnational identification of strengths and attractions of involved partner regions, that could be utilised to generate attractiveness of peripheral BSR. An example would be  environmental tourism. This shall include collection of best practices at remote Snowman airport Bardufoss. The partners work all together to identify best practices. For example Savonlinna region includes experiences with a regional asset “music festival season” (welcoming concerts for arriving destination for tourists while providing more rental summer cottages in the municipalities than in any other Finnish region).

External expert Northpoint Aviation Services Ltd will organise a best practice tour with a workshop at a destination with a local tourism manager, attraction marketing manager, and airport marketing manager.

Activity 5.2.2: Joint elaboration of destination strategy

Tourism destination strategies (e.g. communication and product marketing) will be jointly elaborated by partners and external experts. Due to the fact that needs, expectations and anticipated benefits of tourism vary between BSR destinations, there will be no "one size fits all" approach to a destination marketing strategy. However, a general approach, working steps, and challenges in destination marketing are similar for each BSR (transnational approach). These findings will be part of the destination marketing concept report. Thus, destination strategy concept shall work as a general guideline for regional implementation and specific adjustments (e.g. Midtjysk Turisme, Avinor). First findings from the SBGA project will be integrated (knowledge transfer between projects).

Activity 5.2.3: Implementation of destination marketing concept

Jointly elaborated destination strategy concept will be pilot-implemented by Midtjysk Turisme and Avinor. Avinor has a strong interest to develop their tourism destination, by building a common tourism brand for 9 airports in peripheral Northern Norway (e.g. Bodø, Tromsø, Kirkenes). All partners will learn from positive and negative implications of pilot implementations (direct transnational effects). The partner's participation in tourism fairs will give them, and other BALTIC BIRD partners, and other EU regions chances to check and verify destination concept issues and implementation.

Expected outputs

  • Destination Marketing Concept for BALTIC BIRD partner airports and regions: transnational identification of strengths and attractions of peripheral BSR leading to concept how to promote them adequately; regions and tourism authorities will use concepts as guidelines for the required steps for efficient destination marketing.
  • Implementation of destination marketing concept: at least 1 implementation of destination marketing instruments. E.g. Avinor will pilot-implement concept for their Northern Norway airports, by building common tourism brand for 9 airports located in the counties i.a. Finnmark, island of Svalbard.
  • New flight routes at BALTIC BIRD airports due to PAX analysis, airport marketing, and PSO/ RDF application: regional authorities, companies and inhabitants of BSR will become closer together; they can more easily visit each other (internal accessibility). In particular peripheral BSR will receive faster external accessibility to and from important economic centers in EU.

Involved partners

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