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The main objective of Work Package 5.1 "Airport Marketing Support Strategies" (WP 5.1) is to develop a strategy toolbox providing suitable instruments to partners for stimulating routes to and from Baltic Sea Region (BSR) with medium or low PAX potential (identified in WP 3).

The sub-objective is to deliver to regions and their airports marketing strategies for implementation about how to attract airlines to set up new flight routes.


Activity 5.1.1: Joint specification of the conceptual design of marketing strategy

Through a workshop, involved partners will jointly develop conceptual designs of tasks for elaborating airport marketing strategy, referring to experiences and requirements of involved partners and airlines (e.g. Estonian Air, AirBaltic, Air Berlin). The joint approach to conceptually design tasks for elaboration of marketing strategy shall lead to formulation of basic terms and requirements for tendering external services for support and documentation of airport marketing, based on regional regulations of partners.

Activity 5.1.2: Elaboration of airport marketing strategies and conceptual work

There will be transnational airport marketing seminars for partners to jointly identify objectives, procedures and strategies as well as to integrate different knowledge and experiences. First findings of SBGA project will be presented. University Wismar will investigate the possibility of combining PAX and cargo orientated airport marketing strategies. Regional potentials in cargo volumes are strong arguments for regions and airports in negotiations with airlines to set up new routes (Belly and capacity). Existing strategies used by the project partner airports will be analysed.

External service provider, Stolleprover AB, will prepare the documentation of airport marketing strategy concepts to attract airlines to introduce new routes, or to operate on underserved routes. Elements of such strategy might be:

  • Identification of airport’s market position (e.g. Karlstad airport utilizing tourism destination Värmland and existing economic center for paper and pulp industry)
  • Definition of route and airline target plan, and of objectives for airport marketing towards airlines and towards PAX, integrating air cargo potentials ( project)
  • Elaborating key messages (for different groups of airlines and PAX)
  • Definition of procedures and instruments (e.g. design of costs, effective marketing mix, use of marketing tools)
  • Elaboration of success criteria and measurement of success.
5.1.2 results in providing “Joint airport marketing strategies” which are of importance for, and will be implemented by partners in WP 3 ("Passenger Potential Analysis") to approach airlines.

Activity 5.1.3: Transnational implementation of marketing concept at BALTIC BIRD partner airports

After the airport marketing concept is elaborated (activity 5.1.2), it will be implemented at BALTIC BIRD partner airports. For example Liepaja airport will start activities to transform transnationally elaborated marketing objectives, procedures, strategies to pilot-implement the concept to attract airlines to establish new destinations after finalizing reconstruction works at the airfield. Other airports (Berlin, Karlstad, Bydgoszcz, Norrköping, Tampere, Savonlinna) shall also implement concept recommendations.

Activity 5.1.4: Final evaluation

After implementation and use of the concept,  results will be evaluated. Findings of a seminar on results of marketing implementation (see activity 5.1.3) will be analyzed and measured by elaborate success criteria (see activity 5.1.2): quality check, revision of success and outcomes of pilot-implementation of marketing concepts by partners. Measurement results will flow into the evaluation report on marketing strategy prepared by external service provider Stolleprover AB together with the partners. Transferability to other EU/ airports is guaranteed by publishing report on BALTIC BIRD website. BSR and EU airports will use report for refining branding/ airport marketing & as basis for training their staff in airport marketing skills.

Expected outputs

  • Joint marketing strategies: joint elaboration of negotiation and marketing strategies for airports in peripheral BSR; together with PAX potential analysis, regions and airports use this knowledge to implement advertising and negotiation measures to attract airlines setting up new routes.
  • Implementation of marketing concepts at BALTIC BIRD airports: For example Liepaja will transform transnationally elaborated marketing objectives, procedures and strategies to pilot-implement dedicated marketing concepts to attract airlines after reconstructing the airfield; Karlstad will implement the establishment of new destinations.
  • Evaluation report on marketing strategies: quality check, revision of success and outcome of pilot-implementation of marketing concepts by partners leading to the report; BSR airports will use the report as a guideline for refining and branding airport marketing, and training staff in airport marketing skills.
  • New flight routes at BALTIC BIRD airports due to PAX analysis, airport marketing, and PSO/ RDF application: regional authorities, companies and inhabitants of BSR will become closer together; they can more easily visit each other (internal accessibility). In particular peripheral BSR will receive faster external accessibility to and from important economic centers in EU.

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