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Passenger potential analysis

To achieve better air transport networks and improved access to regions of the Baltic Sea area, the passenger potentials of the involved partner regions respective airports have to be identified to promote understanding of the market requirements. The passenger market potential analysis shall not only refer to internal flight connections between the partner airports but also focus on external accessibility of the Baltic Sea Region as such, and above all of its peripheral regions in the North and East. Direct (air pollution) and indirect (land use) ecological impacts of new routes will be calculated and identified to investigate their sustainability.

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Concepts of intermodal connectivity

This activity means to give project partners a precise and transparent look at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks regarding current and future linkage of their public transport services (PTS) with airport and air transport. A further objective is to facilitate use of PTS when accessing Baltic Sea Regions' airports, and in doing so, to achieve reductions of emission of greenhouse gases per departing and arriving PAX by lowering individual traffic to and from airports. Ecological sustainability of developed and implemented services will be shown. An additional objective is to jointly elaborate pilot-investment, giving all partners the opportunity to transnationally benefit from findings.

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Airport marketing support strategies

Another activity of BALTIC BIRD project is to develop a strategy toolbox providing suitable instruments for partners, to stimulate the inauguration of routes to and from the Baltic Sea Region with medium or low passenger potentials. Therefore, regions and their airports should be provided with a toolbox of marketing strategies. Their implementation shall attract airlines to set up new flight routes. The development and application of marketing tools shall offer better skills and knowledge for involved partners to improve the regional accessibility to it's utmost extent.

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Transnational tourism destination development concepts

In order to develop a strategy toolbox, peripheral areas and destinations in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) should be given a precise understanding about how to develop and implement tourism destination concepts utilizing regional tourism potentials. They should also provide an understanding about how to increase perception of remote Baltic Sea Region as destination for tourism (e. g. environmental tourism). Based on study examples resulting from best practice visits in remote regions (e.g. in North Finland, North Norway and other relevant and instructive destination outside the Baltic Sea Region) - and research covering further European best practice examples, guidelines shall be elaborated that can be used as an instrument for developing destinations in peripheral BSR.

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Application guidelines and implementation of PSO/ RDF

Regions and their airports strategies should be given information to keep at hand about how to introduce public funding options, e.g. Route Development Funds (RDF). Furthermore, airlines and regions will be provided with strategies for the application of Public Service Obligations (PSO) to receive co-financing for the commercial risk of setting up new flight connections. Through imposing PSO/ RDF, regional routes shall be opened and maintained, which will lead to better accessibility in remote BSR. The objective is to impose at least one new route based on a PSO/ RDF agreement. The objective of the external service is to develop a PSO/ RDF application guideline, a methodology for the regional economic evaluation of PSO/ RDF, and the calculation of the regional economic benefits of selected routes to and from the involved partner airports.

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