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Norrköping Airport AB

Project partner

Norrköping Flygplats AB
60361 Norrköping

Contact person

Mari Torstensson
Tel. 0046 11 15 37 11
Fax 0046 11 16 87 50
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Type of organisation

Other public equivalent body

About the partner

Norrköping Airport (NRK) was owned by Swedish Civil Aviation Authority until 2006. Since 1st of July 2006 it is own company, Norrköping Airport AB, owned by Norrköping municipality. Since 2006 it has worked with local business community (and the politicians) to develop NRK.

Role in the project

Airport has “business case Norrköping” that is presented to airlines, but NRK wants to further develop it and make it better with help of BALTIC BIRD. NRK has worked with RDF, so they have experience that can be shared with other project members. They have also participated in Routes Europe since they became own company, and can tell others about experiences.

NRK is close to other airports: Stockholm/ Skavsta, Linköping and Arlanda. NRK must develop traffic and have good selection of flights to attract travelers in the region.

Through BALTIC BIRD project NRK hopes to get new ideas and new contacts, both from bigger airports and from new airlines.

Activities within BALTIC BIRD project

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