Baltic Bird

Poznan Airport

Project partner

Port Lotniczy Poznan-Lawica
ul. Bukowska 285
60-189 Poznan

Contact person

Tomasz Gladysz
Tel. 0048 61 84 929 42
Fax 0048 61 84 749 09
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About the partner

Built in 1913, Poznan Airport is one of the oldest airports in Poland and currently the fifth biggest airport in this country. It is located 7 km west of Poznan city center. The airport caters for international, domestic and cargo flights and general aviation. Thanks to its new terminal, extended aprons, and a taxiway parallel to the runway, which were opened in 2012, the airport capacity reaches 3 million passengers per year.

Role in the project

To BALTIC BIRD project Poznan Airport brings in its know-how when working on passenger market potential analysis as well as tangible solutions to the issue of Passenger Information System. Poznan Airport makes strong and direct influence on interconnectivity and accessibility of airport by Public Transport System thanks to their previous experience in Central Europe Programme CHAMPIONS which resulted in creation of a mobile application “Poznan Airport Guide”.

In BALTIC BIRD they also represent Wielkopolska Region and, as a liaison partner, contribute directly to transnational linking of both projects with a view to enabling prompt knowledge transfer in terms of interconnectivity of airports and public transport services.

Activities within BALTIC BIRD project