Baltic Bird

Bydgoszcz Airport

Project partner

Port Lotniczy Bydgoszcz S.A.
ul. Grodzka 12
86-005 Białe Błota

Contact person

Bartosz Łabenda
Tel. 0048 52 365 46 67
Mob. 0048 515 060 247
Fax 0048 52 365 46 19
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Type of organisation

Other public equivalent body

About the partner

Airport in Bydgoszcz (BZG) operates since 2004 and nowadays realises flights to e.g. Birmingham, Dusseldorf, Warsaw. Apart from regular flights, PAX can take advantage of charter connections to Turkey, Tunis and Egypt. Some new domestic connections and cargo solutions are in discussion. Bydgoszcz Airport maintains about ~350.000 PAX per year.

Role in the project

BALTIC BIRD gives opportunity for further development of airport, regarding identification of most favorable connections, destination group of PAX and broad promotion among Baltic Sea Region.

BZG wants to make a pre-investment study on desirability/ possible locations of “City Air Terminals” allowing PAX to already check-in in the city center by using check-in desks and self service check-in kiosks.

BZG wants to do pilot-investment in the framework of BALTIC BIRD to integrate knowledge from BALTIC BIRD partners and give them pilot experiences for their own investment efforts.

Activities within BALTIC BIRD project