Baltic Bird

Nordland County Council

Project partner

Nordland Fylkeskommune
Fylkeshuset, Prinsens gate 100
8048 Bodø

Contact person

Per Strømhaug
Tel. 0047 75 65 03 62
Mob 0047 41 50 30 31
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Partner website

Type of organisation

Regional public authority

About the partner

Nordland County Council has responsibility for all important welfare services available for the Nordland high schools, dental services, cultural experiences, as well as bus and boat transport infrastructure. They work together to develop good and exiting jobs for the inhabitants in Nordland.

Role in the project

Nordland is probably the European region with highest propensity to use air transport both for local and long distance travels. With Bodø airport as one of the nation’s busiest regional airports, and hub for 11 local airports within region, there is high experience of running different types of air services. This includes PSO. Bodø is also regarded the "aviation town" of Norway as e.g. national CAA is located here.

Using this local aviation cluster, Nordland contributes with exchange of experience in BALTIC BIRD in a variety of areas. Apart from seasonal charter flights, there are no international scheduled flights to/from the region. The motivation of Nordland for participation in BALTIC BIRD is therefore to use BALTIC BIRD network for facilitating international flights in particular to neighbouring regions in the Northern BSR (Barents region, North Finland) and also long haul routes with e.g. Berlin.

Activities within BALTIC BIRD project

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