Baltic Bird

University of Oulu - Learning and Research Services LRS

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Oulun yliopisto, koulutus - ja tutkimuspalvelut
Pentti Kaiteran katu 1
90014 Oulu

Contact person

Gottfried Effe
Tel. 00358 85 53 73 33
Fax 00358 85 53 73 98
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Type of organisation

Academic/ scientific organisation

About the partner

The University of Oulu - Learning and Research Services (LRS) has broad experience in INTERREG projects and in partnerships with regional and local actors. LRS is linking together Council of Oulu Region´s goals in airport development and the interests of Oulu airport (Finnavia) and the regional Tourism development agencies in order to strengthen the airport’s position in Finland and wider.

Role in the project

LRS brings value added to the project by working with and for the Council of Oulu Region looking for new European partners for networking the Oulu airport (second largest in Finland) with partners in similar position (e.g. Berlin-Schönefeld).

LRS has strong relationships in the Baltic Sea area, especially to Germany and gives this competitive advantage to the benefit of the region and the Council of Oulu Region and has the capability to build up even bigger international projects for this field.

Activities within BALTIC BIRD project

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