Baltic Bird

Regional Council of North Karelia

Project partner

Pohjois-Karjalan maakuntaliitto
Siltakatu 2
80100 Joensuu

Contact person

Risto Poutiainen
Tel. 00358 40 546 96 49
Fax 00358 13 267 47 30
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Type of organisation

Regional public authority

About the partner

The Regional Council of North Karelia (RCNK) is a regional authority, responsible for: economic development, regional planning, safeguarding of regional interests and creation of the knowledge infrastructure. The need to form a sustainable model to ensure transportation services is vital in both.

Role in the project

The RCNK contributes to BALTIC BIRD, e.g. by involving Joensuu airport and transferring know-how/ best practices. The Council also has interregional networks for cooperation combining public/ private sector that can be utilised in project implementation as dissemination channels.

RCNK shall utilise project results in Transportation Structure Plan of North Karelia. Also the best practices found in BALTIC BIRD shall be introduced to whole region of East Finland and goal is that BALTIC BIRD would at its own part help to create a new brand “Lakeland Airports”. Results will be also presented in national level and the aim is also to influence national legislation in this field.

Activities within BALTIC BIRD project

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