Baltic Bird

The Baltic Institute of Finland

Project partner

Suomen Itämeri-instituutti Verkatehtaankatu 2
P.O. Box 487
33101 Tampere

Contact person

Esa Kokkonen
Tel. 00358 3 56 56 69 45
Mob. 00358 50 516 91 11
Fax 00358 3 56 56 62 52
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Partner website

Type of organisation

Non-governmental and non-profit registered association

About the partner

The Baltic Institute of Finland (BIF) is a non-profit foundation-based organisation promoting cooperation and partnerships around the Baltic Sea Region and throughout Europe. BIF ensures design and management of competitive international projects in various fields with confidentiality, transparency and strong expert competence.

Role in the project

In BALTIC BIRD, the Baltic Institute of Finland – involving and representing Tampere airport – acts as a coordinator of the work package 3 that deals with "Passenger Potential Analysis".  The institute is also responsible for carrying out regional project activities in Tampere Region, as well as for coordinating the joint activities of Finnish partners.

Furthermore, BIF provides the whole project consortium with extensive networks and experience in Baltic Sea Region (BSR) cooperation. BIF will disseminate project results and market project activities in different BSR networks and projects, and within the framework of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

Activities within BALTIC BIRD project

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