Baltic Bird

Aims & Objectives

The general aims of BALTIC BIRD are to improve airside accessibility of the peripheral Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and intermodal interconnectivity to increase socio-economic cohesion as well as to strengthen economic growth, and ecological sustainability in those regions. Through transnational development and implementation of new routes and flight connections competitiveness, and economic potentials of peripheral BSR will be realized as evidenced and measurable by GDP growth and the numbers of additional jobs.

BALTIC BIRD intends not only to achieve sub-objectives during project implementation, but also afterwards because the project is seen as the start of a “life-process” of all actions (test ground but also implementing ground). Knowledge will be spread across the whole BSR: BALTIC BIRD, with aims to jointly develop and work on a toolbox of instruments to set up new flight connections. This toolbox consists of

The achievement of these objectives will be measured by the number of new routes andthe implementation of PSO/ RDF. A joint policy framework paper will be developed and submitted to DG Region/ DG MOVE, proposing ideas for improvement in EU regional policy for peripheral BSR.

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